Wisdom to Live By, Knowledge to Die For…

from an autistic perspective



The Heavens will rattle, Hell will thunder and the Earth will rock…

Last Days Ministry is a reflection of human nature and the forces of nature that surround us.

Last Days Ministry is a syncretism of many belief systems.

Pagan belief systems coincide with; Christian scriptures, witchcraft, wiccan, neo-think, satanism, new age and imagination to create, not a religion, but a whole new belief system with roots deep in the duality belief system of the Zorastrian Empire.


Ernest Johnson

If you are tired of being treated like a sheep, sweet, wooly and dumb, fit only to be herded where “shepherds” lead, Last Days Ministry is the belief system for you. Ernest Johnson is not here to make you happy. He is here to make you a human being. This is a forbidden fruit and Ernest Johnson is the serpent. Do you want to see the world, or do you want to keep your head buried in the garden? If you want to live your own life, take a bite of the truth, and become human.
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The American Freedom Collection

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In addition to the digital audio downloads and ebooks available by Ernest Johnson on this website, Ernest offers a Christian Business Opportunity in the form of The American Freedom Collection. This Collection includes a variety of chapters from Ernest’s many collections assembled to create The Last Days Christian Survival Manual.



The American Freedom package is a Master Study Outline and a Soul witnessing manual for effective Evangelism. This manual includes fifteen in depth chapters with seventy-five subheadings.

Part 1 – The Master Study Outline is a complete Bible study for the New Christian (neophyte). It is designed to put the born again Christian on the path to Evangelism.

Part 2 – Moral Character is an athentic attraction formula that is considered by scripture as authentic power. Find out what kind of person you are with Moral Character, a thorough self-study of character traits and authentic personalities. Are you the kind of person you want to be?

Part 3 – God-Man/Woman-Creator is a sanpshot of your God- Man/Woman abilities. Not from a scriptural stand point but from the view of the All Seeing Eye. There is the knowledge of energy frequency and vibrations in this chapter. It is also loaded with deep secrets of  knowledge beyond your current inner sight.

Part 4 – Satanism versus Christianity is a snapshot of the enemy within as well as the enemy all around us. It is a pretty intense summation of the typical arch enemy of The Christ Faith.

Part 5 – Your Baby. Your Babies are your desires, they teach you the thought-desire-creation processes about giving birth to your desires.

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The world’s number one problem is lack of Jesus Christ. And Christians’ number one problem is lack of income. The American Freedom Collection answers all prayers… sent by God Himself.

Once purchased and downloaded, It’s all yours… become The New Age Crusader you are meant to be. Ernest will always be available via email to answer your questions and give you some guidance on setting up your business.

Use The American Freedom Image and the content to create many copies and resell at a price you determine suitable… Ernest suggests a price of $130.

Go With God or Go To Hell!


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