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last days ministry logoEcclesiastes 7:16, 17 States King Solomon says “Do not be excessively righteous and do not be overly wise. Why should you ruin your life? Do not be excessively wicked and do not be a fool, why should you die before your time”?

This is what we call balance. We are all given a free range to operate to certain degrees and once we cross the spiritual threshold in either direction then the universe of the forces therein steps in and delivers us our karmic medicine. We are all allowed to be both good and bad equally and neither will be denied.

Christianity teaches us to be truthful, honest, and benevolent. It creates in us good moral character. It also teaches us to believe in Jesus and not to end up in hell. Christianity also teaches us that all souls are lost and bound for hell and that all of humanity needs saving. Jesus is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Now the Jehovah“ Witnesses believe that Jesus is not God, he is not the Holy Spirit and that he is only a prophet and that there is definitely no place called hell.

Islam believes that God has no Son and doesn’t need one either. In addition all of humanity are infidals who are lesser than them and deserve punishment and they are destined to rule the world and to hell with Christianity and to hell with benevolent morality.

Satanism also believes that all Christians are despicable and worthless and have imported the terrorist to do their dirty work. For Islam and Satanist are of one coin. Satanist believes that Satan is the rightful ruler of the universe and they are the chosen ones to rule. Both the Satanist and Islamist hate Christians with a deadly passion.

Atheism also believes that there is no God, no Jesus and No Holy Spirit and no Devil either. They also hate Christians because Christians have high morals and they remind them of their sins.

Wiccan stresses that all natural herbs and remedies are much better and that today’s pharmaceuticals are black dungeon sorcery by comparison.

Witchcraft teaches that the only thing in life worth doing is creating our own magic and don’t need Jesus nor God for that to happen.

Ernest Johnson profile picThe Government is showing us all psychological Black Magic. In addition most people today are deep into pathological magic and don’t even know it. It is all about power and Blackmail. Blackmail is the power of this world. The system, the government and the mind of human beings are one big blackmail bullshitting mechanism.

All of my employers have one thing in common and that is as their slave I am to keep my damn mouth shut, welding hood down and nose to the grind stone literally.

Neo-Think teaches that all religions are nothing but hoaxes, the government is a beast and that all politicians must go and you and I are on our own god-men and god-women.

The Devil teaches us all that we need to lie, cheat, steal and then become elusive and hallucinatory when confronted. The god of this world has taught us all to become icy, hard and rigid that we may become frozen in time.

As I take a cold hard dispassionate look around me I observe all of humanity struggling in their own psychological wilderness trying desperately to find a way out of their own private hell. I have come to realize that no matter what a person believes in that in the end of our lives were alone and only one thing remains and that is what have I accomplished while on this earth? Our deeds follow us into eternity and we all pay hell our dues. Meanwhile we are all Spirits of Freedom at the cellular level each and every one of us. Who can you really listen too?


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