Blackmail – The Pathological Magic Power of the Underworld

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Blackmail: This little book of 111 pages is nothing short of wicked knowledge. After all we do live in a wicked age. It tells it all about how it’s done and also how you can do it as well. You can become someone’s victim or you can become the blackmailer you’ve always wanted to be. Nothing is stopping you. Learn to be the wicked little bastard you were meant to be. Blackmail all your friends, family and learn to lay them low at your command. That’s hellish control. It carries with it the pathological mindset and does so with continuity. It’s more like the psycho wind of the underworld of thought control. It is pathological magic. Some writers have referred to it as black magic because of its awesome transformative power.


It has eight chapters and forty three subjects associated with it that have no one’s interest at heart except your selfish interest. Blackmail is the Power of this World it is the power behind the throne. Blackmail on a more spiritual level is the pouring of the black oil over the soul of another. It is likened to the spiritual black goo. It is devilish magic. It is the “how” in the how things are controlled. Don’t listen to me ask your wonderfully thoughtful government, loving spouse, or controlling employer.


How does one deal with the devilish bullshit? First you have to know what the bullshit looks like then realize it’s deceptive power! This little book is the secret language of bullshit without ever coming out and saying it.


The spiritual black goo is dead weight upon all the souls, it controls the souls of the masses. Therefore it is the language of control of the living dead to control the living dead masses. It has the awesome power of turning the Jehovah’s Witnesses into the anti-Christ using all false blame and bazar psychological spin that only a dark magician can do. It demonizes, beguiles and bedevils. It has the ability to turn the truth into illusion and then turn illusion into reality. All for the purpose of extracting something at the victim’s expense. It takes pathological magic to usurp values by any means necessary. It has the ability to redirect the victim’s gyroscope. It creates win-lose deals. It has a way of making a mockery of your loves goodness and runs roughshod all over another’s free will. There are always victims who are victims themselves as they victimize others as they become predators. This manual also covers predators and the games they play. In this manual we explore these things and also the pathological types. We end up turning this spiritual goo taboo subject by blowing it up 1000 percent and then turning it on its head.


After reading it you too will naturally become an expert at spotting these techniques when they come at you with it. Not only that, you will also have the ability to turn the tables on them in return possibly using these same techniques to help you get what you want using this manipulative force. It has the criminal power mindset. Pathological magic is the way of the world, bar none and blackmail is the art of creating victims. It is the art of double binding. It is the art of putting others under obligation using fear and all false blaming. It negatively excites the senses, it is an excito-toxin upon the soul. It ties the masses in knots this is likened unto the hangman’s noose.


The governments of the world use it to hang the public with obligation. It also throws its victims under the train using all psychological drama and does so after it sends dread along with all hardships, like a bandit springing forth. Those with a conscious see the world as a wide chasm between right and wrong and between truth and lies but not those with these demonic energies they see life as a grey area where all underhanded options are on the table to use as a tool and nothing is too bad for them. This to me is meaning that love is war short of seduction. They use this disease as a weapon of choice usually done in desperation. After all it is part of their god-damn human condition. Most relationships, some religions and all government systems the world over are pathological from time to time and usurp the rights of its citizens and use all tools of this spiritual goo to enforce and shape the world. It enforces its beliefs upon the populace by creating unnatural laws that cannot be obeyed. The natural laws get replaced with the unnatural and the authentic gets replaced with the unauthentic. It is the way of the world. There are various types of pathological magicians but only two faces. The face you recognize and the face you don’t recognize because of the shadow has taken control. This means that the presence of the shadow has taken over. This is meaning it is the hellenized spiritual element. This shadow then splits into four personality types. All four types become manipulative and demanding in one way or another. Most develop offensive communication or become ticking time bombs. They will spew out offensive predictions with the look of’ ‘your time is up sucker’. The purpose of all the perpetrators is to make victims and usurp the victim’s values. But the victim has to come into compliance. So, one must always have a battle plan. Should one become shrewd or just cave in? Play hardball or lay back and be a lush? Find out how to know the game, play the game and eventually win at the game with this hellish magical power called Blackmail. Learn the enemy because in this world the Dragon Guards the Gold. Hella good news isn’t it?

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