Pandora’s Box: The Double Edged Sword of Truth

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PANDORA’S BOX: Pandora Box has six different chapters and over 50 moving parts to it to look at. This little book has a ton of deep inner perspectives and facts about truths so hard to explain. There is the beautiful truth and there is the ugly truth. This book is about the ugly truth but truth nevertheless. After writing these manuscripts one inspirational after another I had them sitting in my computer files and did not know what to do with them until one day my publisher suggested I assemble them into a little book entitled...

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Blackmail – The Pathological Magic Power of the Underworld

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Blackmail: This little book of 111 pages is nothing short of wicked knowledge. After all we do live in a wicked age. It tells it all about how it’s done and also how you can do it as well. You can become someone’s victim or you can become the blackmailer you’ve always wanted to be. Nothing is stopping you. Learn to be the wicked little bastard you were meant to be. Blackmail all your friends, family and learn to lay them low at your command. That’s hellish control. It carries with it the pathological mindset and does...

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The Magical Toolbox – Religion of the Universe

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Spiritual Toolbox Trilogy #3: The Magical Toolbox, Religion of the Universe Magical ToolBox: Magic is the Region on the Universe straight up and we don’t even know it because we all are so far away from this ancient knowledge. Mythology indicates that in the days of Jesus He was said to be the High Priest of the Magi Order and was magical in His own right. Humans have evolved away from this ancient knowledge of who we really are and we also have no idea what the universe really is. Science looks at things as objects but they are much...

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Satan’s Toolbox & The Human Condition

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Spiritual Toolbox Trilogy #2: Satan’s Toolbox & The Human Condition   Satan’s Toolbox: is all about the Hellenized human nature which consists of many different subjects. First we start out with the sunday law which is actually a law from the time of the pilgrim America period. The Sunday Law was enacted long before the foundation of America and is still on the books.This is the religious law of the beast and he has great plans to bring it forward in the end times once again and by reenacting this law would cause the most...

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God’s Toolbox – The Truth About Religion

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Spiritual Toolbox Trilogy – God’s Toolbox & The Truth About Religion Why is God’s Toolbox so important? Because it has so many hard hitting subjects that the churches of today cannot and will not answer except the few who have the balls to do so. Today’s churches are just to busy playing church and most of them have developed this please don’t offend any one perspectives and make sure we hand out the collection plate right at maximum attendance. It’s like they are ordered by some invisible force to...

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