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The God Damned Word

Hell’s Gospel

Hell’s Gospel puts personality against soul. Personality in this realm is constantly at adds with the needs of the soul, thus creating confusion. Personality is DNA which is mental, psychotic. All things come into question.
Personality will not be denied. Hell’s Gospel is AMF. Pathological Magic is the result in our lives and it will not be denied. Hell’s Gospel takes a dive into the underground of human consciousness, deep into the caverns of Pathologic Magic. This material is the wormhole (star gate) to the inner psychological world of black magic.
This book contains explicit language.

Find Your Magic

Magic: Religion of the Universe

Religion of the universe is dedicated to all the magical ways of the universe. This is the belief system of the universe. Jesus Christ was the master magician. The Bible is the master book of magic. You are not what you believe about yourself. You are much more than you can imagine. Magic is not brand new. It is as old as the hills. We have all lost our way. Religion of the Universe is a broad perspective of reality that currently is. It brings together all the puzzle pieces of who you are. You’re a magical mini-creator that has all the power at your finger tips. It is only a matter of perspective. Come to the knowledge and come into your power naturally.
Magic is a blend of witchcraft, paganism, Wiccan, Christianity, new age, Neo Think and imagination. It is wide scope and all the pieces fit.
Religion of the universe is the only belief system that has stood the test of time. It is the only belief system that will be around for eternity. It cannot die. Therefore it is my religion. Magic.
This author has explored many belief systems and Magic is the result. Live the magical life.

What’s Yours Is Mine



Blackmail is the power of this world. It hits you at base level Blackmail bastardizes, devalues, degrades, lays near to the starting point. Blackmail usurps values, hold hostage with the power of extortion. All human beings use it as second nature. All government systems are based on these truths. “Give me your milk money or I will beat you up,” to “Pay your traffic fines or I’ll take your license” are all blackmail. Personal blackmail goes on in the relationships all the time. “Do as I say or I will take the house, kids, finances, etc, etc!” It is virtually forced backed. This book takes a dive into the mind set and reveals it for what it is. It is illusional. It is delusional. It is Pathological Magic. Since it creates hellish situations, it is the Gospel of Hell!


Steeped In Time

Wisdom of the Ages


Spiritual Alchemy – This is the perspective mental states, undesirable conditions. The secrets of health, wealth and abounding happiness. Timeless Wisdom – This introduces the realization of peace, spiritual power, the ego and self, meditation and service to others. Jet Fuel for the Soul – This is a manuscript of briefs and phrases for positive mental thought with some psychology sprinkled in. I put some of the pages and turned the thinking upside-down for sour measure. It is truly fuel for your soul. God Man Creator – This book is the introduction of humans as mini-creators. There is the knowledge of energy frequency and vibrations in this book. It is also loaded with deep knowledge. Your Baby – This is the application of cosmic thinking. Your babies are your desires. It talks about the thought-desire-creation process. Giving birth to your desires.

Open the Lid

Pandora’s Box


Con-Man’s Formula I was inspired to write this when dealing with get rich quick scams. This book includes a 17 step formula for doing business in America. This is a step-by-step get rich quick game plan.
Cloak of the Living Dead This material pulls of the veil from the eyes on society. From our relationships to food, water, and medications, it reveals some of the things that create zombies. We are all real zombies. This is a down and dirty manuscript.
13 Reasons Why You’re Sick, Broke and DumbThis material is a down and dirty, nuts and bolts, where your money is spent. Why you’re always sick. It also introduces concepts on why you’re too dumb, but you’re unaware of these things.
Mind Disease We all have and see stupid sh** going on around us all the time. All I did is put a name to it. But it’s real. No one I know knows what I’m talking about when I mention the mind disease.
Welder and His Disease This is a true story. It is my true story of trashing my body by 33 years of welding. Then experiencing severe pain and my long quest to get well. This material is badass. I have proof of overcoming. It is ground breaking. If you truly want to know me, read this. This will inspire you to quit doctors and medications.
What Is Your Ass Worth This manuscript was a pure joy to write. This is a point system thought up by women. It is based on their secret point system, but I reversed it, gave it a nasty spin and came up with The American Bit**, then The New American Bit**. This is a brand new nasty perspective look at woe-man.
This book contains explicit language.

Find Your Way To

Heaven’s Gate


Master Study Outline This is my master study outline. It has 15 chapters and is a complete Bible study for the new Christian (neophyte.) It is designed to put the born again Christian on the path to Evangelism. Moral Character This book deals with personality traits and character traits. It’s title tells it all.

They Ring In Your Soul

Hell’s Bells


The Beast gets right into Sunday School. If you go to church Sunday, you are in God trouble. You are ripe for the mark of the Beast. Church and Sunday worship are in for a shock. This is meat. This is Atheist ammunition. Revelation Q & A is a 310 Q & A of the Book of Revelations. It answers many questions. The God of This World is Ahriman. This book introduces Ahriman’s advent. His personality traits and his goals. This is a non-Biblical perspective. This is an occult view.Enochian Apocalypse introduces a whole new non-Biblical view on the Apocalypse. It is an occultic view. It reveals the keys to the Apocalypse. Nothing is what it seems. This book contains explicit language and is intended for adults.

Welcome Him Again

Second Coming of Christ


The Second Coming of Christ is not just a one time event. The Second Coming is the final overthrow of human governments, but not before armageddon. We are currently in the “return of the gods” time period according to the ancient Maya beliefs. Satanism and Christianity all hold similar beliefs.

The Winds of War Bring



Armageddon is a human activity inspired by doctrines of bad ideas. Armageddon is hellish ideas to stop the Second Coming and all hell on earth and under the earth will unite with all technologically advanced weapons along with hell’s artillery. Hell will ascend from the underworld. I believe Armageddon will be a UFO shoot out. The result is the battle for the authority of the earth hangs in the balance.

The End of an Age

Apocalypse 2012: God’s Judgement


Apocalypse is not just a series of quick events. These judgments represent set time periods of past history. Look strongly into past history and what makes sense does. The rest is yet to come!


Christianity vs Satanism

Christianity vs Satanism 4 Part Audio Series


While Christianity in America has topped off, there has been a growing segment of the population’s underclass that is a growing under current in the dark alley all the way to the white house. What this means for America, and also the world, is that the Black Personality Night Train is emerging to inflict soul pain on the masses and this will cause us all personality problems. Beware the dark night light is trying to emerge and take power completely away from the light consciousness of society so that they shall rule once again over the earth.

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