God’s Toolbox – The Truth About Religion

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Spiritual Toolbox Trilogy – God’s Toolbox & The Truth About Religion

Why is God’s Toolbox so important?

Because it has so many hard hitting subjects that the churches of today cannot and will not answer except the few who have the balls to do so. Today’s churches are just to busy playing church and most of them have developed this please don’t offend any one perspectives and make sure we hand out the collection plate right at maximum attendance. It’s like they are ordered by some invisible force to stand down on the most important subjects known to mankind and our church leaders are just keeping their mouth shut. Their traps are silent on all of these subjects so this toolbox is dedicated to making these things heard and read.

Gods Toolbox

We first cover some basic soul witnessing concepts that you find in Heaven’s Gates and the New Age Crusader because as a Christian these are the backbone of the Christians duty and that is to spread the gospel throughout the world and be witnesses until the end of one’s days. We also must do so with right moral character because right moral character is authentic power versus unauthentic power. Moral character is universal power in its simplest definition and yet it is so simple it is dismissed as non essential behavior in an ever increasing violent world. Yet no society in the world can exist as peaceful without it and this peace is being taken away or stripped away from the fabric of the world.

The Bible and the word of God are foundational as well as Jesus Christ the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, Sin and Judgments. Included in this are Prayer and Faith and why they are so important. To top it off is a definition of our new birth and God’s plan for salvation and also living the Abundant life in Christ which is getting harder and harder these days. These are the most important subjects in every Christians life and they need to be known. Every Christian has their personal ministry because all are called and few actually step up to the plate therefore few are chosen.

Then we go and ask our self who is the anti-Christ and the answer might surprise you because there are many anti-Christs out there. Why look for the one when there are those all around us that are anti-Christ and some of them hate Christians with a deadly passion. While we are at it why not ask our selves again who is the Harlot and what damn part does it play out in world affairs in these last days? Do we need to listen to her dogmas?

Where in the world is Armageddon? Of course we know that it is in the Middle East. But as the return of the gods gets under way and the rise of UFO’s throughout the world these decades past just maybe Armageddon will become a UFO shootout over the entire world that will be set on fire by the world’s disease. What in God’s name is the world’s disease? Hatred you fool!

In the Judgments we travel to Revelation and take a king size look at what these events mean and how they are relevant these days and decode them from the old view along with the brand new view with of course a touch of madness. We cover the Seven Bowl Judgments which are the starting of the worlds wars. Then the Trumpet Judgments which are just more tragedy and then the Sealed Judgments which are indicative of God’s personal and final judgments upon the earth.

Then we head back into the gospels and take a strong look at the signs of the times and the words of Jesus. Also is the rapture not what we think it is? It is and it isn’t. It is more than previously thought. Things occur in the cosmic realm first and the reflection of those cosmic events happen on this earth and then we explore is America in prophecy? The answer is both a yes and a no. Let’s take a walk through the scriptures in God’s Toolbox and let God sort all things out and let His will come to pass so that we can all rest in these ever increasing turbulent times

This toolbox carries with it the Evangelical, full gospel add moderate Christian vibrations along with its modern interpretations. Remember, God’s grace is coming under heavy fire. Learn you enemy and who you really are in the other toolboxes.

God’s Toolbox is so power packed I believe it wise to consider offering it to the world as an affiliate package so that the Christian nation can help spread the God’s Word throughout the world while the world is being set on fire. from the God of the Universe to you with Love.   Last Days Ministry as a Tri-Ministry. We have the righteous element, the hellenize element and the magical element.


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