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Spiritual Toolbox Trilogy #3: The Magical Toolbox, Religion of the Universe

Magical ToolBox: Magic is the Region on the Universe straight up and we don’t even know it because we all are so far away from this ancient knowledge. Mythology indicates that in the days of Jesus He was said to be the High Priest of the Magi Order and was magical in His own right. Humans have evolved away from this ancient knowledge of who we really are and we also have no idea what the universe really is. Science looks at things as objects but they are much more than that. ll things are alive. Magic is the foundation of everything. Jesus was said to be the master magician. The Bible story about Moses and the pharaoh was nothing more than a magic showdown.

In this toolbox we go back and redefine what it means and then start exploring it from that perspective and then broaded it from there. There are other writers from the past who have touched upon this subject but never took the concept far enough. All of today’s belief systems have had the magical element removed from them and this is why they are somewhat invalid in their effectiveness. All religions are mostly dead but Magic as a Religion that is of the Universe is very much alive and has always been and will not and cannot ever die.

From the words you speak, the prayers one offers up are alive and you speak them to the Universe which it also is alive and your vibrations and body is alive and this is why your body needs living organisms because your body is a living organism and the attention you give to any one thing just so happens to magnify that thing. All of life is alive so we have living organism to living organism communication. This is the Magical Element. All the cells in the body talk to one another. All the living things in the universe communicate to each other because nothing is separate and we are also under the law of One or under the Laws of the One. This makes you a god-man/woman creator.

God-Man Creator is a snapshot of who we are and what we are capable of. I had to travel into the enemy camp to attain this knowledge and went wide scope with it and added lots of other knowledge from other belief systems to come up with it all. This toolbox is ground breaking in its own way because of the fact that we are in the new dawn of the new age and all things as we know it will end except the magical element.

It is widely known that children are magical, girls are magical and attraction is magical. Love is magical but we do not look at things through this lens. Once you understand all of the elements you will instinctively know that to live the magical life does not require religion and does not require any other belief system. As a matter of fact once you understand this concept you just might come to the conclusion at the end of this thinking vein that you in your self alone are a religion in and of your lonesome self. Now how is that for a brand new belief system? The reason is because each and every one of us has so many desires about ourselves that if one would stop and think about all the things we as individuals would like to do, live and go it would take all of one’s time and energy and focus to accomplish your own life long tasks and live your own dreams as this is the way it’s designed.

Magical Toolbox

We are designed to surrender versus to conquer. Surrender to all that life has to offer and it will become magical I guarantee it. All the things one wishes to do are you babies or desires that want to be born. This is what we all truly are by design and this fits right into the concept we are at our essence ‘Spirits of Freedom’ at the cellular level. But your desires that are to be born has to come through the cosmic docket and to be created through your person through your being. This makes you in the god class creator no matter what kind of life you are living.

Also in this toolbox I added Cloak of the Living dead and this is meaning that we are all cloaked with the living dead and once you understand this concept then you can start to get a handle on yourself and start seeing where your at so you can shake off the living dead part of yourself and put on the river of life in it’s place. Let the river of life start flowing into you and then out onto this physical plane versus the stagnant pond we all swim in from time to time. For instance the phrase “I will believe when I see” versus “I believe and then I’ll see”. Then I went on to add Jet Fuel for the Soul. This is a chapter where we explore the duality of our thoughts. They are a ton of phrases from everywhere.

This Magical ToolBox can be considered spiritual but not religious; living and not stagnant. No other belief system is necessary except your own as it is. because you inherently have the magical element. Our maker did not leave us helpless. I’t only a question of awakening this ability within yourself. All of today’s gurus out there are trying to figure this out and they all have danced around this subject. What they are all looking for is the magical element to their mental and spiritual diet. Those who have the magical element you will know it instinctively because they are together and they have tapped into it probably by accident but they have it nevertheless. The Magical Element is the law of attraction or is part of it and it’s pretty large.    I am very proud to be able to offer this to you today. I truly am excited because I put my heart and soul into this. I sincerely hope that the genius in all of you wakes up it but sleeps. I pray that you flip the coin in your life from being Cloaked with the Living Dead to becoming spiritually alive.

I am thinking on offering this Magical ToolBox to the public as an affiliate opportunity because of its popularity. Remember, Eternal Love is the only thing that is real all else is illusion. The earth is Maya.

Last Days Ministry is a Tri-Ministry. We have the Righteous Element, the Hellenized Element and the Magical Element. Have a Magical Life.


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