Pandora’s Box: The Double Edged Sword of Truth

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Pandora Box has six different chapters and over 50 moving parts to it to look at. This little book has a ton of deep inner perspectives and facts about truths so hard to explain. There is the beautiful truth and there is the ugly truth. This book is about the ugly truth but truth nevertheless. After writing these manuscripts one inspirational after another I had them sitting in my computer files and did not know what to do with them until one day my publisher suggested I assemble them into a little book entitled Pandora’s Box. That is when the light went on in my head.

Con-Man’s Formula: During my damn life’s journey i was always encountering one damn situation after another. I had a side interest in the get-rich-scams. I had bought enough of them and none ever did pan out and yet I did not want to admit they were devious that is until i got older. So this is where I started. After collecting a large file folder of acams and boxes of bought items over a long time period I finally realized that while the language was exciting the actual getting paid was elusive to say the least.i also came to realize that the one who writes the program is the one who gets paid and some of them seem to be laughing all the way to the bank. This is when i realized there diabolic nature. Promising everything and yet cannot even deliver a can of beans. But to play patsies must pay to find out their secret to riches.

So out of this came the 17 step Con-Man’s Formula. These concepts you will find being practiced in most business situations like car salesmen, marketers and all get-rich-schemes. They are nothing less than the game of power. They are modern day charnaltons. They are simple to understand and easy to follow and you can do it too. Once you know what they are you will be able to spot them everywhere and maybe even practice them yourself. Become the Con-Man you were meant to be. They are the rules of the game.

Cloak of the Living Dead: What is the Cloak of the Living Dead? Well I can count at least nine different way. There is a concept called a river of life. This would be considered the enthusiasm running through our being like a river. Love is the river of life. This would be considered the soul cloaked with the river of life. Cloaked with the living Dead would be its opposite and it’s due to the fact of the way we all live our damn lives. Our souls are cloaked with self limiting beliefs, chemicals, lower frequencies that are causing us all self-destruction, depression and too often suicide. Now isn’t that some shit?

We are all living the zombie life and don’t even know it. We are all medicated with sorcerous drugs, we drink acidic liquids and we are fed live stock phude that is not really food, it is food and drugs from hell. Our water is contaminated with chemicals and we have destructive relationships from hell and try to call them loved ones. We have destructive belief patterns and wrong ideas and all religions are not really helping not to mention they are all divided. Religion is devoid of modern day answers for the living soul. We are living in a dead, cold and wicked world there all things are upside down, backwards and then this is considered right side up. We take a dive into this mind set and come at it from a hard hitting view and your eyes just might open a little wider after reading it. It’s so real it’s scary.

13 Reasons Why you Sick, Broke and Dumb: This transcript is pretty intense and very detailed. I wrote this as an after thought while studying for the real estate exam. I was living in a very, very cold house and just came out of a cold dead relationship and still living on large acreage with livestock. I did this during the time of year when the winter months set in and the rains was nonstop. Since my mind was on real estate this is what it’s mostly about.

I cover mortgages and the money wasted along with home buying the taxes we pay the rent and then compare them to the average wages and add in expenditures. The bottom line is that everything is too expensive.Then I touch base on why renting just might be the best option in the long run. During this time period I was involved with Kangen water advocates.

Mind Disease: During the writing of this manuscript i had just learned about Neo-Think. I have just come to the realization of the mystical mind set and then this transmuted into the mind disease. So out of this came a few quick stories I had experienced during up to this point. I had just came out of two cold, dead relationships from hell. these relationships were nothing short of wicked and also living life at the age of fifty I was starting to come into many realizations and I started to put all the puzzle pieces together so to speak. My Neo-Think mind set had equipped me with knowledge previously unheard of. Down the road after writing this chapter I have come to discover this mind disease was well known to the american Indians who called it wendigo or wetiko. At the time of writing of the mind disease I did not know of the wetiko.

We all live with wrong information and very limited knowledge. Our American society are a very long ways away from receiving this kind of knowledge because of this they will remain in the dark and their master will always have the upper hand. Whenever I bring the subject into any conversation all things go quite and people just walk away from me with this confused look on their faces along with a blank state. This tells me this subject is baffling to many to say the least. So i always must remain quiet or run the risk of separation. Now I have people stepping wide of me as a result.

Welder and His Disease: This I consider a skulls and bones manuscript. After more than three decades dedicated to the welders trade I had started to experience severe pain in my prostate as well as my reproduction system was damaged. But at the time did not know what was happening to me. All I knew at the time was that the pain was so severe that doing nothing was not an option. I had broken glass between my legs and could not walk, work or function. The depending on doctors did not pan out and my desperation was at an all time high and it became my driving force. I had to spearhead a new way of dealing with this terrible condition and received no support from my sickening spouse and in-laws.

What I had learned along the way is nothing short of astounding. I came to discover that my body was a chemical junk yard and there were these little balls of fibers that kept popping up in my urine.These are microscopic ball of fibers that came in various colors like red, blue, white and mostly black. Not to mention the discovering of many different parasites that I had flushed out as well. I ended up taking a few of these little balls of fibers to the urologist and it took them about six months for them to get back to me the results and when they did they indicated that they were concentration. Again no answers and no help from the medical establishment. Talk about being baffled the mystery only deepened. I was totally on my own and everyone around me thought I was a looney bird and a freak.My children to young to understand. As I searched for answers in places where there was none I eventually came across the knowledge of Morgellons from a woman associated with the University of Oregon. Long story short I was expelling many of these fibers using various body cleanses. I had so many I started collecting them and bought a microscope to examine them closer and find out what in the hell these were. I also learned during this painful dark time of the soul that I also had kidney disease and later learned that this is strongly associated with the medicated heartburn medication I had been taken for the last seven years. It’s ok i took care of that as well.

Had to jump head long into body cleanses and rid my body of whatever was causing this severe pain and healed my kidneys in the process. I started out with some of that witches brew called detox formula made by the witch in the forest. All things were a process and eventually all things got better from here.

Along the way I became much better and still experience pain but live life without doctors and pain medication. I have been back to work for the last five years. I deal with the leftover pain by eating the right foods that are closest to nature. My story does not bode well with the welding industry because it may not really be related to the industry except whatever damage was done to my reproduction system. So again I keep my damn mouth shut and welding hood down and nose to the grindstone and breath those toxic fumes until my new welding hood is black again. If I had not taken actions into my own hands like I did I would be sitting in a wheelchair living on pain medications because the pain felt like broken glass in my entire groin area. I would have become crippled and nobody around me cared. To end up like that was totally incomprehensible. This is my story and what I found along the way is out of this world and unbelievable. Truth is stranger than fiction applies here. This is dangerous knowledge.

What is your A$$ Worth: Another gnarly manuscript. This chapter is all about she devils. I was inspired to write this after nearly living in back to back she devil relationship hell for longer than two decades. The kind of living she devil psychological hell that only a woman do deliver. We can call it bitch hell. Again this is a time of my new awakening. Stay with me here. This is good. I had just gotten divorced and passed my real estate exam and was becoming a new man. I was entering a new chapter in my life and decided to take a little vacation. my ex-wife told me to get lost so I did just that. I went to Costa Rica and got lost. During my time on the beach I was in a constant state of bitch reflection of my past experiences and they seemed like they were all hellish. At times I felt like a real loser and new I had to flip the coin and learn to get what I wanted in this life and quite losing. I had let go of my power just so the woman can have hers and this did not fix anything. She became even more psychologically abusive. I came to the realization that each move was a bitch move on the board game from the abyss.

I had just finished reading a book by a man and wife team that indicated a secret point system that women have that seemed very stingy to me. It showed the woman’s lack of appreciation, thankfulness and showed a very narrow part of their nature. One night in my beach cove I began to reflect on this woe-man stingy bitch point system and decided to write my own stingy point system. The little light went on in my head and I collected my thoughts and kicked the depressive thoughts out of my head and now I was on a roll. So this is what I did and what better place to do it than mi vida loca in Costa Rica. What I came up with is an 18 point system that is nothing but ruthless. Does her tits sag give her one point. Does she take care of herself give her four points. Does she do drugs give her no points. Is she a bitch throw her to the curb. Get it? This takes the bitches off the pedestal and lays them low just like they do us men. I later put this chapter in another book and gave it the title She Devils. I threw in a few stories in for good measure. This is a hard look and the American Bitch.

If one would stop and take a hard look around you will see these bitches playing the victim card all over the place especially the parlor game and it is a game. If you would also stop and take a strong look at today’s women you can always spot the bitch because they will shoot you that bitch look. These types are conniving, crafty, wily and are natural tricksters. They are professional at emotional blackmail and always have the upper hand because they are friendly to the young. They have no real love for men nor do they have a sense of loyalty and are the ultimate enemy of common sense. They see men as dumber than them and therefore less worthy than they are. They see men as nothing but dicks to play with for their own pleasure to manipulate and they are right. Men are patsies.

This chapter serves as a warning to all men and all women that we as men are catching on to their wicked games. But at the end of the day we gotta love those wicked witches, they truly are stealthy foes.

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