Christianity vs Satanism 4-Part Audio Series




Satanism is the very opposite of Christianity. Christ is Lord of the heavens while Satan is the lord of the underworld. Christ is Lord of the Spirit while Satan is lord of the flesh and all the lower frequencies that come with it.

Servants of Christ renounce Satan while servants of Satan renounce the Christ. Both the Satanist and Christians believe in the coming Apocalypse and have been preparing for it in their own respective way. One will dominate while the other will submit and be forced to renounce. This is the definition of duality.

While Christianity in America has topped off, there has been a growing segment of the population’s underclass that is a growing under current in the dark alley all the way to the white house. What this means for America, and also the world, is that the Black Personality Night Train is emerging to inflict soul pain on the masses and this will cause us all personality problems. Beware the dark night light is trying to emerge and take power completely away from the light consciousness of society so that they shall rule once again over the earth.


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