Pandora’s Box


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Con-Man’s Formula I was inspired to write this when dealing with get rich quick scams. This book includes a 17 step formula for doing business in America. This is a step-by-step get rich quick game plan.
Cloak of the Living Dead This material pulls of the veil from the eyes on society. From our relationships to food, water, and medications, it reveals some of the things that create zombies. We are all real zombies. This is a down and dirty manuscript.
13 Reasons Why You’re Sick, Broke and DumbThis material is a down and dirty, nuts and bolts, where your money is spent. Why you’re always sick. It also introduces concepts on why you’re too dumb, but you’re unaware of these things.
Mind Disease We all have and see stupid sh** going on around us all the time. All I did is put a name to it. But it’s real. No one I know knows what I’m talking about when I mention the mind disease.
Welder and His Disease This is a true story. It is my true story of trashing my body by 33 years of welding. Then experiencing severe pain and my long quest to get well. This material is badass. I have proof of overcoming. It is ground breaking. If you truly want to know me, read this. This will inspire you to quit doctors and medications.
What Is Your Ass Worth This manuscript was a pure joy to write. This is a point system thought up by women. It is based on their secret point system, but I reversed it, gave it a nasty spin and came up with The American Bit**, then The New American Bit**. This is a brand new nasty perspective look at woe-man.
This book contains explicit language.

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