Satan’s Toolbox & The Human Condition

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Spiritual Toolbox Trilogy #2: Satan’s Toolbox & The Human Condition


Satan’s Toolbox: is all about the Hellenized human nature which consists of many different subjects. First we start out with the sunday law which is actually a law from the time of the pilgrim America period. The Sunday Law was enacted long before the foundation of America and is still on the books.This is the religious law of the beast and he has great plans to bring it forward in the end times once again and by reenacting this law would cause the most tragic havoc for not only the nation but especially the church because the Sunday Law would make it mandatory for all to go to church or pay fines and this will cause too many to have the desire to just burn the church to the ground than have to listen to the hypocrisy of the preacher. The Christians love they cannot stand.

So I have dedicated this toolbox to your enemy and show you not only why they will come against the church but also their nature as well and also included why they will not be able to help themselves from their human nature stand point. What this means is that I have to get into the nasty human nature of the human being and I do so by going into the abyss and pulling the Hell out of it and then giving its own appropriate name like hells Gospel. Hell’s Wicked News.

This toolbox has some razor sharp perspectives. It has deep dark secrets about the nature of the human being and their condition. Ironically it also explains our current reality and the dark reality of every one of us. Each and every one of has has a mind disease and other mind viruses and we all live life on wrong information and that send us all back into hell’s awaiting arms. We are all devilish in nature and this includes Christians. We all have wrong information about a lot of things and don’t even know it. What this says is that we are all lost in the earth’s matrix and live our lives in perpetual hell and call this life and we burn with the lusts of life because our desires go unfulfilled and we are always in our own private hell and we are totally unaware of it all. All we know is that we are miserable. Pretty devilish isn’t it? We take a deep dive in the devilish abyss and pull up secrets that are so awesome and out there that today’s psychologists will never even dare reveal them because if they did you would not believe them and those who did would know their deepest secrets, thus cutting into their profits on psycho meds. That is why i consider this knowledge to be dangerous knowledge that one could die for. Because once you come to know what it’s all about you will have a distinct advantage over the rest of humanity and your perspectives can become like a laser and razor sharp. This is why knowledge is power. There is the double edge sword and this toolbox is the sharp side of that blade. It cuts, it makes those around you bleed it is the power behind the throne. They are Hells Vibrations. I consider it Hells Wicked Word that no one can deny. This knowledge is dedicated to all those who are entrapped in the rabbit hole.

Satan's Toolbox

We cover other subjects that are straight out of the car salesmen and the get-rich mind set with 18 step con-mans business type all the way to Blackmail The Power of this world. In the world of Blackmail we are all victims and we make victims of those around us.

Also in America all power has been granted to women and taken from men. Pussy down the man and then man up the women. This is backwards so we take a dive into this subject as wee in America’s She Devils, the pathological types and the illusion and the delusion of it all that is used not only against men but also men use these tactics against women and the government uses them against us all. Then I top it all off with Revelation Q and A which actually belongs in the other toolbox but i put it in this one because t pretty much is the interpretation of Revelations which is all hell breaking loose.

Satan’s Toolbox is wicked enough to be considered one of my favorites and I am considering on making it available as part of an affiliate program and allowing those who are interested in making this available for resale to all those who desire it to have it as an option in their arsenal of weapons because it is very popular; Knowledge from the Dark Prince to you, Amen?


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